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Innovamat Srl is a new company born from the collaboration of two well renowned manufacturers of additives for friction materials, Quartz and Rimsa, Rimsa and Quartz, taking advantage of the synergies in between the capabilities of both companies to provide innovative solutions through innovative products to the friction industry, and beyond. We trully believe than the whole is greather than the sum of its parts.

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LME independent Sulfides

Innovamat technology offers some worldwide unique innovative products capable of replacing legacy Tin, Copper and Antimony sulfides in friction materials for any application. Understanding the effect in the tribochemistry of sulfides and mastering our production technology to offer an innovative but proven concept to the friction community with OE quality and the best value-for-money to make synthetic metal sulfides affordable for all the friction industry


A wide range of LME independent sulfides to replace legacy products based on Tin, Copper or Antimony. A new range of Green Carbides for EHLA coating of brake rotors


With research efforts directed toward more environmentally friendly EP additives, we provide an extensive range of layered structured sulfides

greases and

Cost effective and Safe alternatives to Manganese Sulfide to improve the machinability of steels, aiming at obtaining longer tool life and smother surface finish of PM steels


With research efforts in reducing the cost and improving the performance of materials for batteries and water sppliting technology

materials for
green energy

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