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Innovamat Srl is a company born in 2021 from the collaboration of two renowned friction material additive manufacturers, Quartz and Rimsa, Rimsa and Quartz, with over 50 years of combined experience in R&D, product development, and evolving industrial capabilities. From chemical replacement to emissions reduction, we achieve our solutions to contribute to the optimization of the cost-to-performance of the formulations through our expanding manufactured product range


  • Sb and Sn free Synthetic Metal Sulfides, as key additives for adjusting some critical aspects of the performance, wear and comfort both in pads, shoes and blocks.

  • Fiber-free Titanates, as key elements for NVH and emissions reduction in brake pads because of the catalytic properties.

  • Our range of Synergistic lubricants, that takes advantage of the synergy of several layered molecular structures with weak interlayer bonding to reduce the cost or improve the performance.

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