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Synthetic Metal Sulfides

Sulfides are key additives for adjusting some critical aspects of the pad/rotor performance, wear and comfort, because its ability of  interacting with the phenolic resin degradation and to the tribochemistry of the pad interface. But also they are becoming key additives for other applications like green energy (batteries, green hydrogen and solar panels) and other applications like powder metallurgy.


Our range of applications


Friction Materials

Synthetic metal sulfides are among the most renowed additives to stabilize the coefficient of friction and reduce wear at high temperature. Discover our range of engineered products to become indepentent of Tin and Antimony


Powder Metallurgy

Sintered powder metallurgy parts are of distinguished importance in today's world, and Synthetic metal sulfides play a key role in machinability and lubricity. Discover our range of Mn free products


Lubricants, Coatings and Polymers

Synthetic metal sulfides exhibits outstanding wear resistance characteristics, particularly when subjected to high temperatures and heavy mechanical loads, effectively reducing friction and wear, thus extending the service life and improving the efficiency of the machinery or components it is used with.

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