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Friction Industry

We design and produce innovative chemical products and materials both for brake pads but also now for brake rotor. A wide range of LME independent sulfides to replace legacy products based on Tin, Copper or Antimony.  A new range of Green Carbides for EHLA coating of brake rotors.


Powder Metallurgy

Sintered powder metallurgy parts  are of distinguished importance in today's world. Machining of the relatively hard sinter hardened parts is difficult, and for years manganese sulphide particles has help on the chip formation during turning, but with drawback in terms of cost and safety.

Mastering synthetic sulfide production we now offer ost effective and Safe alternatives to Manganese Sulfide to improve the machinability of steels, aiming at obtaining longer tool life and smother surface finish of PM steels.


Greases and lubricants

Extreme Pressure additives are usually used under heavier loads, at high temperatures and low speeds to prevent catastrophic failure or seizing of the application.

With research efforts directed toward more environmentally friendly EP additives, we provide an extensive range of layered structured sulfides.

Materials for green

Stronger policies and raised climate goals leading into COP26 are driving renewables to new records, but faster deployment across all key sectors is needed to reach net zero.

Advanced Sulfide technology drives our research efforts in reducing the cost and improving the performance of materials for batteries and water sppliting technology.

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