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materials for green energy

The main goal of green energy is to use renewable energy sources to provide electricity to consumers in different countries

European countries are trying to increase electricity production from renewable sources. For the first time in 2020, the contribution of renewable energy in Europe has overtaken the share of traditional energy. Renewable energy sources are gradually replacing coal and nuclear power plants from European energy generation.


In 2020, the output of wind and solar power plants grew from 9% to 15%, respectively

and in its combination, it produced a fifth part of all electricity in Europe. Among the leaders are Denmark, Ireland, Germany, and Spain. As a result, the specific CO2 emissions from electricity generation decreased by 25-30% compared to 2015.

required for the installation of power plants from renewable energy sources. Batteries price is 50% or more of the plant’s cost. Therefore, reducing the cost of batteries is important. 

The energy storage device (batteries) is one of the main and indispensable components

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